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Being able to rely on the quality of the carpet cleaning you get in Redbridge IG2 is always going to be vital when you choose which service to book. But what if you knew that if you were ever dissatisfied with the quality you received, you could count on another appointment for free?

That’s what you get when you use Annita’s carpet cleaning services. When added to the full insurance protection we offer, and the experience and skills of our trained professional team – it’s easy to see why more than 97% of our previous customers say they’d use us again with no questions asked.

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How We’ll Perform Your Service?

We offer several select methods depending on the type of material your rugs and other fabrics are made from:

Artificial or Synthetic Materials – are almost always treated using our hot water extraction equipment. This tool uses the heat of the steam as well as the power of a specially chosen cleansing solution to tackle dirt and markings on your fabric, as well as any pollutant or allergenic elements that may be present.

Natural Materials – such as sisal or seagrass, we prefer to treat using our dry cleaning powders. These are ideal for this sort of material as they don’t involve any liquids, and so they can’t possibly lead to shrinking.

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